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First, welcome to our “drum thang” web site. Our goal is very simple. We look for the best drums at the lowest prices online. Period.  But, what are the best drums for you? Also, is there really such a thing as a GOOD cheap drum set? The answer is yes!  We’ve done the research and collected (what we feel) are the BEST buys and best drums for just about anyone. Check Out Today’s Featured Best Buys in slide show below… (cont’d)

The word “cheap” is relative. Here we mean “best price” and less expensive not cheaply made. Some of the largest drum makers in the world are featured on this site. With that said, we welcome parents, educators and drummers of all kinds to explore our recommendations for beginners, intermediate and professional drum sets.

How Do I Pick The Right Drums (or) Drum Makers to get started?   “3 Categories”

1. Start up kits for band 101 students or absolute beginners look @ Gammon Percussion, Mendini, GP Percussion  Also we have band / lessons instruments  snare drum, stand and sticks kits   To practice basic rudiments & sticking we have (practice pads too) these are not drums & practice only.

2. Intermediate or aspiring drummers you can easily find kits @ DDRUM (is the king of intermediate/transitional kits), Ludwig and Pacific Drums (made by Drum Work Shop) are some of the best.

3. Go to Gretsch, Pearl, Ludwig and Premiere for professional good cheap drum set bargains. These are some of the most revered drum manufacturers in the world.

Hopefully that guide will make shopping and viewing the many, many drum sets here a bit easier.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and set you on the right track.

There are plenty of places you can buy drums directly off this site.  Click on “Details” from the many pictures and images in these web pages for customer reviews.  You’ll read what people like and get solid information about good deals on any drum sets you can imagine.

Our mission is to inform and provide as much information as you need to buy a good cheap drum set.  As you know by now, we mean highly manufactured, highly rated and reviewed drum sets at a reasonable prices. You may purchase “not only” drum kits ,but, drum accessories, drum sticks, brushes, drum music  and hand percussion drums on this site.

We love drums, drumming and drummers. You will find all that and more in these pages.

Lets start the education and dialogue on good cheap drums.

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**All advertised prices,  percentage discounts and product availability on this site are subject to change without notice.  This is due to market value, inventory and vendors discretion. Compatible substitutions are always easily found in theses pages.