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Owner of Good Cheap Drum Set.com - Billy Bryant
Billy “Beebs”

For the love of DRUMS, do we need another drumming website? Yes we do. (As I mentioned before) I love drums, drummers and drumming everyday of my life.  I wanted to start an equipment and drums info website.  So, I began researching the internet for good cheap drum sets. It quickly became apparent, the “exact” information I was seeking was scattered far and wide.

Certainly there was allot of informational sites and sales sites catering to “targeted” data that had been written or re-written on the internet. Many had good aspects. But, the BEST info and BEST drums were never grouped together to my satisfaction, So, I decided to do one.


Billy plays drums on the "Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show" TV47 Atlanta, Ga.As you know by now…my cause is to find “good cheap drum set” deals.  This led me to finding nice “pockets” of drum-sets bundled together.  Some are the kiddie toy type of sets (under $100.00) and others would be beginner to intermediate sets.  Also, you will see adult drum sets available at more than reasonable prices.

Is my website very, VERY unique?  Probably not.  But, after many hours of development I have assembled some of the best rated, best manufactured and best priced drums at your finger tips.  This I think is valuable and can really save you some time.

I have enjoyed developing this site, writing for it and uncovering these great bargains.  So, I WILL continue to research and dig up new drum deals and hopefully learn something new, teach you something,  and save us all some money along the way.

It will be a fun ride!

Billy “Beebs” Bryant

Bands I’m In:

Jazz By Two

10 Degrees Off

“Jazz By Two” ( Jeff Simpson & Billy ) on TV 47 Atlanta, Ga. – July 2014


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