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Intermediate Drum Set Comparisons from this website

While we are making suggestions and/or comments on these intermediate kits, one must keep in mind that they are manufactured specifically for advanced beginner/intermediate players

Of course, modifications were made by manufacturers to keep costs lower for these intermediate kits.  Hardware and/or snare drum products may a bit below professional kits standards, but with a Little detective work and reading these reviews…you may be surprised the bargains and quality drums that are out there!!  (A MUST read – See what pro drummers and customers say. Click link below)

✭ High Ratings & Reviews on Intermediate Drum Sets ✭

These are more economical drum sets because we are investing (many times) in a youth that “may or may not” keep playing drums to the next level.  The expense is a concern.

So, keeping that in mind, here are some pros and cons and videos on those featured drums in our INTERMEDIATE drum page.  These are kits we like.   After much research & filtering thru critics analysis and customer reviews, here is the down and dirty…what we came up with. Enjoy!

Pearl Roadshow RS525SC/C707 5-Piece Drum Set – ✭✭✭✭

•    Full drum set (everything you need to start playing right out of the box)
•    9 Ply Poplar wood shells vs. competitors 6 ply shells. Offering a good amount of resonance without sacrificing bite and bottom end.
•    Kick drum has extended tension/tuning range, for thumping bass frequencies you can feel in your chest.
•    Pearl’s award-winning kick pedal design
•    A lot of kit for the money! Full tones at a great price

•    Great customer service
•    2 year warranty

•    Cymbals are low quality
•    Check finishes & wraps for imperfections
•    few complaints on machined lugs & screws – check all small machined parts when you receive a shipment

“Buying your first real drum kit shouldn’t be stressful. Pearl has made this pretty easy, and the quality (and warranty!) is a nice extra piece of mind. If you’re getting started, this is a great place to start! ” – Shane from Drum Center of Portsmouth

Yamaha GigMaker 5 piece – ✭✭✭✭
Yamaha GigMaster - Intermediate Drum Set

•    Well constructed wood shells/tight outer wrap resembles more than a “just a start-up kit”
•    Great sound, huge tone for the price
• Yamaha uses low-formaldehyde-content plywood for these sets and has certified that all its wood suppliers conform to environmental laws in California and elsewhere
•    White Grape Sparkle finish is spectacular
•    heavy duty socket mounts for tom toms
•    Hardware package included (on some models)
•    14″ Snare drum – 20″ Bass Drum
• DRUMMER WORLD magazine gives high reviews

•    Hardware lightweight 600 series- hi-hat not adjustable
•    Shell construction less than high end Yamaha quality
•    Probably is not usable BEYOND the intermediate drum kit stage
•    Tuning issues came up frequently
•    Wanted to see more positive info on sound and tone of this kit

Click Here To See DEMO

Sonor Safari Black Sparkle - Intermediate Drums

Sonor Safri Drumset – ✭✭✭✭✭ 

•    “Everything is normal size except the kick ,and it sounds like a cannon!” – reviewer
•    SOUND is very good, bass drum is nice and thumpy
•    the toms tune well and sing with a good mid-range growl
•    Everyone raves about the bass drum
•    Basswood/poplar shells

•    Bass drum is 16″- this may seem small to intermediate players but, thumpy and sounds like a cannon
•    No hardware
•    Snare strainer could be better & snare needs to tuned higher

“Might Be My Best Kit for the money deal” Small set but BIG sound, you will not be disappointed.

ddrum  Journeyman – ✭✭✭✭

ddrum-Journeyman Kit- Good Cheap Drumset

•    super punchy bass drum
•    hardware included
•    love the snare
•    tone of shells were good
•    Pleasantly surprised with the quality and overall sound.
•    the shells are great the hardware is awsome

•    hard fiber plastic lugs-lugs problems (or ingenious design?)
•    obvious seams on shells
•    tone of shells were good
•    nicks in bearing edge of floor tom

Close-up of inventive lugs creation

Click Here To See DEMO

Ludwig – Break Beats by Questlove Kit – Azure Sparkle – ✭✭✭✭✭

Ludwig Backbeats by Questlove - Good Cheap Drum Set

•    The toms and bass drum have a wonderful lower fundamental
•    This is due to basswood shells and the round-over on the bearing edges.
•    Ludwig uses 45-degree edges, but have rounded them to limit attack and provide a lower pitch sound.
•    “This drumset could pass for a high-end kit in a blindfold test” – Pro Reviewer
•    Did not cut any corners here. Outstanding value and Quality
•    Azure Sparkle wrap is gorgeous

•    mediocre snare (which you’ll find is mostly the case with these intermediate kits).
•    really no other “bad reviews” or comments on this kit.
•    Bass drum is  only 16″ but has the punch and thump of a 22″

Click Here for a DEMO of this kit!

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