First Drum Kit Deal – An Introduction to Drum Buying

My first drum kit deal will be an important one. It could determine whether I stay with playing drums , give it up or pick up another instrument. Buying a small toy drum set may discourage me from playing or learning drums altogether.   So, I would stress the importance of buying up instead of a smaller drum set.

With that said, your first drum kit deal for toddlers could be one of the small children’s drum kits. Age and dexterity of a child will be a determining factor. But, drums are a fun instrument and may bare out if your little one shows an innate natural sense of rhythm.

A Good cheap drum set says it all about the way I shop for almost anything.  When I have an item in mind I wish to purchase, I try and find the best quality product for the cheapest  price. That is my approach when making a small or large purchase, most of the time.  I think many people do the same thing.

Good Cheap Drum Set

Lets start off by saying a good cheap drum set does not mean that a kit is cheaply made. Your first drum set ever should be very special.  So, be aware of poorly produced drum sets and knock offs on the internet. Many you can tell by simply viewing them – others it takes a little more digging.   With a little education (from here!) and research you’ll easily find some first drum set discounts and deals on professional kits too.

First Drum Kit Deal - 5 Piece Black Drum Set
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Billy Beebs “No Brainer” Deal

We like these discount drum set for juniors

It’s all wood, has a metallic blue finish, and has look and feel of a professional kit.

This is a very popular kit with a customer rating of 4 1/2 stars.  Best price on a junior drum kit.   Absolutely everything you need to start playing your first drum set ever!

Perfect beginners kit because they’re real drums, just like an adult drum set.

The package is loaded with everything you need to start playing immediately. Seat, sticks cymbals and hardware are all included. Click Here For Pricing on this BEST SELLER!

There are more than a few stages of beginners drum sets, kids drum kits, junior drum sets or what ever you would like to call them. I stumbled across this featured kit online and felt it was relevant as a GOOD cheap drum set.  The cymbals on “everything included kits” always seem to suffer.  This set is no exception.  But, the beefy hardware, wood shells and durability of this kit far outweighs the negatives.

As they become available, we’ll feature different hot deals (Billy Beeb’s No Brainer) we really like on this home page.Good Cheap Drum Set -5 Piece Pink Set

Other wise skip over to First Drum Set Discounts for ALL of the good cheap drum set deals we like right now. Over there you will see competitive prices, options, many colors / finishes and different brands of drums.

In these pages we will also feature electronic drums, drum accessories and all types of percussion for your enjoyment. You’ll have a chance to compares prices, review them and buy these products easily right here on this site.

A conscience effort (on our part) will be made to alert you of quality vs price and vice versa. The projected longevity of a percussion instrument is important when buying, as well as the age of your kid.

Will they stick with it? Do they have an innate ability and natural rhythm to play? These things will flesh them selves out, but they are important factors when buying a first drum set.  More tips on this below.

Buying Tips For My First Drum Kit Deal

➊ Real Drums vs Toy Drums

You must be clear on what you need in kids drum sets.  toy sets are inexpensive and reserved for smaller children to play on…like any other toy. Here today gone tomorrow. But, if a child is going to begin lessons (or) has the natural talent to actually play the set, a junior drum kit (made like the big ones) will be a better choice. You will get more mileage out of a kit like this in the long run.

➋ Expense

A toy drum kit can cost less than $100.  The junior drum kit (usually produced by real drum companies) are a smaller and less complicated version of the real thing.  Usually retailing at about $300 to $700.

➌ Manufacturers -Name Brands

Gammon Percussion, Percussion Plus, Mendeni, and GP Percussion are going to be highly rated by customers and most economic sets.  Junior drums by CB Percussion, DDRUM, Gretsch, Ludwig, Mapex, PDP, Pearl will be more expensive and notably better made.

➍ Age of Child

When considering a starter drum kit, your child’s age should play a big part in the decision making of what kit to buy. If they are old enough to take drum lessons (or they have an innate sense of rhythm) you may want to invest in a bigger kit.

➎ Positive Effects of Drumming

Learning music (in general) increases your child’s memory.  Drumming helps develop hand to eye coordination, self-esteem, creativity and scholastic performance in students. Figuring out an instrument and learning to play it builds self-confidence and a more well-rounded personality.

Our mission is to review and investigate what makes a good cheap drum set and what makes a bad one. We wish to give you the tools to get the best quality product for the most reasonable price. Making it the best deal for you!


Billy Beebs


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