First Drum Set Discounts – Entry Level Kits

Good news parents, first drum set discounts up to 50% Off (or more) on major label and bargain brand drums are available now!  Major savings on these entry-level kits that youngsters will use for quite some time.

Your purchase will largely depend on (1) the child’s age and (2) How long do you expect they will keep the drum set? Answer those two questions honestly and you will have an idea of what first drum set discounts are available and what to buy.  There are so many choices it can be overwhelming. (Not to worry we have a comparison guide below of popular kits)

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A good rule of thumb is to check customer reviews.  If the product has a large number of reviews with 4 to 5 star rating, you are looking at a very popular product.  The quality of a product or manufacturer may account for what first drum set discounts you get.  Your budget and projection of how long the child will need the kit will help you make the best choice.

Discount Drum Sets For Sale and Review

First Drum Set Discounts - Mendini 5 Piece Silver Kit
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Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 model is an all-in-one entry-level youth drum set.  This five-piece kit is fully functional for a young drummer who wants the most realistic experience but may be too small for a full-size drum set.

The high quality, poplar shells and rounded bearing edges give this set a nice warm tone. All drums feature four double-sided lugs which make them easy to tune.

Triple-flanged, black powder coated hoops offer a cool look (in many colors) while providing extra durability and the metal bass drum hoops offer even more sturdiness. The high-quality Mylar heads do not only sound great – they will withstand the beating of the little ones!
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First Drum Set Discounts - Pacific Drums by Drum Workshop
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Pacific Drums by Drum Workshop – This 5-piece Z5 Series drum shell pack from Pacific Drums and Percussion is an ideal shell pack for aspiring drummers everywhere. The 5-piece shell pack features fusion tom sizes (10″ x 8″, 12″ x 9″, and 14″ x 12″), all-wood construction, FinishPly wrap, and an array of spotlight-stealing colors.

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First Drum Set Discounts -Ludwig 5 Piece Wine Red Kit
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Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set Wine Red (left)  From world-renowned drum company Ludwig (The Beatles-Ringo Starr) comes a professional style junior drum kit.  Beautiful wine red finish (comes in black too).  Most reviews say “Don’t be fooled, this is not a toy!” 16″ x 10″ bass drum with double tom holder 13″ x 10″ floor tom with legs 10″ x 5″ tom with mount 8″ x 5″ tom with mount 4″ x 12″ wood snare with a strainer. Bass drum pedal, Snare stand, Cymbal stand with cymbal Hi-hat stand with cymbals Drum throne Wood-shelled snare drum. This could be a great start up kit for taking lessons & playing in a band.  Today’s discount is 38% OFF this professionally made kit!  

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Ddrum D2R – The Total Drum package for the Beginner… includes everything you need to play right out of the Box… The D2R Drum set is the perfect kit for the future rock star. Includes 4pc shell back with all hardware, cymbals, and sticks to get you up on stage in no time. Comes in 3 sparkle finishes to choose from. Lime sparkle, Silver sparkle, and black sparkle.

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**All advertised prices,  percentage discounts and product availability on this site are subject to change without notice.  This is due to market value, inventory and vendors discretion. Compatible substitutions are always easily found in theses pages.